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Quality Time

I am able to execute services and repairs to most mechanical movements, both automatic and hand wound.

In the last 5 years I built and equipped a professional atelier (workshop) with all the necessary tools and equipment to work on valuable vintage movements with comfort. I feel it is important to know that I do all the work myself with my own two hands. I have no employees or other people working for me like most commercial sellers and traders and I do not subcontract work to other watchmakers. I do it all myself from A to Z at my workbench.

Besides the financial value of a vintage watch there is more often than not an emotional value involved. Once I start working on a watch I have the owners written instruction which details what he wants to have done and what not, another detail which is crucial in my eyes. As outlined before I always approach a timepiece as if it was my own. I share my personal thoughts on what I would improve and what I would not do or leave untouched.

At present there are two main challenges when you want to have your vintage timepiece serviced or repaired. One of them is finding spare parts for vintage mechanical movements. They have become extremely rare for some calibers and can be expensive. I am sure most collectors of vintage watches are aware of this issue and already experienced this.

The other challenge is to find the appropriate watchmaker who deserves your trust and confidence. And when you have found such a watchmaker it is very likely you will need to have some patience before he can start working on your timepiece(s). Patience is a virtue and will be rewarded.

Waterproof testing is an additional service that can be specified. I use two types of machines, both from Greiner. The first one is a digital machine, the Poseidon LT-100. The deformation of the watch is measured continuously during a tightness test by the high precision mechanics, the high resolution state-of-the-art electronics and the intelligent software. This is done with an accuracy of less than 0.0001 mm. The second machine I use for waterproof testing is the Greiner WPL-610, which involves water and this device is specially made to locate a possible leak. If you want this performed on your timepiece please specify this in your service instructions.

All the work I perform comes with a 12 month guarantee. Despite the fact that I also have professional equipment to test and approve a watch for being waterproof this never falls under guarantee conditions but it can bring some peace of mind when wearing the watch.

To get the process started you can print out and complete the "Service instructions" document I created to make it easier for you and me when you send in your watch for service. It offers some choices and options already outlined together with some other details which will make my life a bit easier. It is meant to be included in the package when sending the watch to me for service.
Download in PDF: Checklist

Finally, one has to take into account that the maintenance of a vintage mechanical timepiece requires patience. It consumes a lot of dedication, attention to detail and precious time to handle these little mechanical wonders. As a collector, enthusiast and/or the owner of a special timepiece I am sure you appreciate this.

I have used the guidance of my father in the past. I thank him for being there for me.