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To refurbish or not to refurbish...

This is a sensitive and relevant topic for all watch collectors and it is at the same time a highly subjective matter, depending on your personal preferences and the actual condition of the watch. I can offer both case refurbishment and reluming the dial and hands.

Case Refurbish
While you can be pro or contra there are some things to take into account while considering a full case refurbish, a light and gentle case polish or only an ultrasonic cleaning. There is one important and logical outcome that you need to bear in mind - once a case has been refurbished it will remain a refurbished case. Of course this does not mean that refurbishing a case would not be justified.

I could give you plenty of reasons why you should keep a case original and untouched, leaving it alone with all its marks, scratches and dents. But at the same time I could give you as many reasons to fully refurbish a case. It is always important to take your time to think it over and to ensure that when you do opt for a full case refurbish it is done by an experienced craftsman.

In the past decade I have handled a lot of watches. As a goldsmith with a great passion for vintage Heuer watches I started to work on them quite early in my life, I could easily work on them myself as I already had a lot of equipment from my goldsmithing profession. Of course in the early years I only worked on my own watches. It took me a lot of succeses but also a lot of disappointments which I put down to learning money. But if you always stick with the things you are used to do and do not explore and educate yourself nobody else will do it for you. I am now able to refurbish 95% of the watch cases from various brands.

I also offer a specific service which is related to the pushers and crown. When possible it is always desirable to maintain the originality of a timepiece and use the original parts unless there are new old stock parts available which are identical to the those on the watch. I can service most pushers and crowns and I would always strongly advise to have this done which includes a polish and fitting of new seals. It is of course not always possible to make a watch waterproof again but an acceptable degree can be achieved most of the time, so the watch can be worn comfortably and without risks for waterdamage by normal use.

This is another very delicate and specialised task and once again requires consideration by the owner of the watch before deciding to proceed. Often the lume material applied to hands has deteriorated, parts of the lume have fallen out or the lume material has been damaged by previous services. Hands can be relumed with an approximate matching color to the original lume on the dial. It is also possible to relume the dial, depending on some parameters. Before doing a complete relume there are several points to take into account, all of them can be discussed when I have a detailed picture of the watch and even more so when I have the dial in front of me on my workbench.

I do not provide the service of dial refinishing.